The content

I’ve been blogging at Electric Cafe since december 2008, writing discographies and biographies of 158 musicians, so far. Yeah, 158 posts in little more than a year. And I have more than 1000 more to publish!

These 158 posts have 3626 tags and 364 categories!

Am I crazy using so many tags? No, wait! I use the tags to point to the musicians, their bands – names, that’s what I tag. Thus I have 3626 names mentioned in my blog – searchable!

The categories are a little more crazy. Top level are Media (music carriages = cd, lp, etc) Countries, Genres and Labels (record labels). So you, dear reader, can access all posts written about musicians from New Zealand by choosing that country category. Or if you want to se who has issued records by the Conspiracy label, choose that category.

The blog platform – technicalities

I use WordPress, no surprises there. I use the version that can be installed at my own domain.

I knew nada about WordPress when I started. Had tried Blogger previous, but wasn’t happy about it. Plus I wanted to have my own domain. Therefore my cousin recommended trying WordPress. I haven’t regretted or looked back since!

I have tried several themes, not particularly happy with the total outcome – but I gained some technical know how in the process… Right now I use Kirby with some of my own modifications. At some point (maybe the coming Easter holiday…) I will try a new theme, probably a child theme from Thematic, as I like what Thematic can provide in the way of usability.

What more? – ah! the readers

I don’t have many regular readers – and I never imagined I would as I don’t write reviews, interviews or anything personal in the blog – I present facts about recordings and that is perhaps a bit geek-ish…

But lately I have started to link to You tube videos and sound clips – and that brings more fun to the blog!

Danish copyright laws are very strict, so I can’t publish sound clips directly from the blog – even making a podcast would be very expensive and beyond my means, because the blog earns nothing. I can’t even post pictures of the covers at the blog because of copy rights (copy wrongs…).

The blog earns nothing because there is hardly any traffic. Why then ‘pollute’ the blog with ads when there are no readers?

Well, I might change that view…

What I did do: I created an account at Amazon, so that I am able to show the covers that way. But it takes time searching for the records at Amazon. Sometimes a search ends up with more than 1000 hits. (When I wrote about the Japanese band, Boris, I found more than 1500 hits at Amazon.) Nobody wants to browse that many hits… therefore I only link to Amazon. I don’t want to browse iTunes too… and besides – these weird bands that I write about rarely are availably in iTunes…