I just read this article in Politiken about the latest research in healthy eating and the conclusion is that vegetables and fruit doesn’t protect you against cancer. Now, I find that immensely sad that you can’t protect yourself by eating healthy… but also relieved because I don’t eat much fruit or vegetables…

And recently there was this little gem in Ingeniøren about eating animal fat.  The traditional danish advice about eating lots of bread and other grain products, vegetables, and less of animal produce ie milk, eggs and meat, is shown in this research to be wrong and unhealthy. Again, I like meat thus I eat meat – I am a farmers daughter after all 🙂 And ain’t is nice to suddenly have science tell you that you live healthy 😉

This blog writes about a different way of looking at diets and what is good eating. It is sometimes referred to as LCHF, Low Carb/High Fat and here is an example of a LCHF grocery list.

It is all interesting reading. Happy eating 🙂