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It’s summer and it’s festival time again. This year there’s a couple of new festivals, that looks interesting.

There’s the Fanø Free Folk Festival, which has planned to have among others Islaja, Pantaleimon and Sarah Hepburn performing in the weekend of July 23rd to 25th.

In September there’s the Festival of Endless Gratitude (September 8th to 12th), which will have James Blackshaw, Franklin’s Mint and Matt Valentine (as MV & EE with the Golden Road) and more than 20 other bands performing.

Then there’s a couple of more known and famous festivals:

In a more electronic direction there is the Strøm festival in August (16th to 22nd). LCD, Jonsì and Thomas Fehlmann will be playing at concerts with an entrance fee. For the free concerts Gonja Sufi and Nosaj Thing, Four Tet, To Rococo Rot and Pantha Du Prince will be coming!

AND there is as always the Copenhagen Jazz Festival! this year with 2 concerts with Ibrahim Electric! YEAH!!!! The first concert is the 3rd of July in Husets Cafe in Huset i Magstræde and the second concert is the 9th of July in Bremen (Nyropsgade 39-41).